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    Listen Closely its bEAUTIFUL

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Like you literally need to lay down In a quiet dark room face up, close your eyes and listen to Wu’s song with close ears. Let your ears and mind dissect the shit out of every sound. It becomes so beautiful every second you can really feel with the music.

- First Block out Yifans voice & dissect the instrumental the orchestra, the little sounds and listen to them closely feel the tempo let your heart beat with it. Listen to the whole song that way.

- The second time you listen just listen to Wufans voice. Listen to the feeling, his tone, his soft voice, so husky. It’s so peaceful. Raw and beautiful.

-The Third time put them together. It really is a nice powerful song. The instrumental suits Wu’s voice so well. He has a soft voice you need a great instrumental with some fricken orchestra in there. And some fairy sounds. Fkn mellow beats thrown in there, like who came up with this I need to kiss their feet.

After that, the song just makes you go tingle tingle and you feel a chill go through your body and goosebumps form everywhere. Like if this song don’t give you chills then you are listening to this song with a closed ear. I’m sorry but this song is fucking beautiful no wonder it got 1 million listens in 3hours and 25 minutes.


Shorty line is too short to get stuff down from a shelf:

  • Ubomb:

    Minhyuk would take the thing off the shelf but doesn't give it to Ukwon unless he gets a kiss in return. And then a kiss when he actually gives the thing to Ukwon. And then a kiss for being a lovely boyfriend and helping the younger..

  • ZiKyung:

    Jiho would take it off the shelf for him, then leave it hanging in the air with his arm stretched out, Kyung unable to reach it. Jiho would roar a laugh and Kyung would get super pissed off and start hitting him until they end up in a pile on the ground (with all the stuff Jiho reached for to save his ass), making out.

  • TaePyo:

    Taeil would grumpily huff and puff while reaching for the thing on the shelf, knowing full well he won't reach it but maybe, just maybe.. Suddenly his feet get off the floor, as if levitating, and he can easily reach the shelf, even the top one that's ridiculously high. At the same time, Jihoon smiles, his cheek squished into Taeil's back, his arms around the older's torso, holding his adorable hyung up.




i hate it when

there’s like a feeling in your gut that something is very wrong and the feeling is so strong that it makes you feel physically ill but the problem is that there’s actually nothing wrong so you don’t know what to do

and the feeling just doesn’t go away


what if you have a soul mate and thats what happens 

when theyre in trouble 

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